Is it free?

Yup! 100% free baby!

That said, I do also have a juicy discount code in there for my e-books, but it's totally up to you if you wish to take up the offer.

When does it start?

The challenge will kick off when you enter your details above. If you haven't started the TWW yet, you have a couple of options. You don't really have to do it during the TWW - this content is awesome all month around!

You could take the challenge now.

You could receive and save up the emails.

You could wait to join (although let's be honest, you'd probably forget!)

You can join, take the challenge, and then save the emails and do them again... and again... and again :-)

What can I expect?

Some fun!

You'll receive a daily email from me, compete with a little pep talk, an image to colour in, and a printable affirmation, PLUS my giant list of 101 things to do during the TWW and a few other goodies.

Hi, I'm Robyn

I am a fertility warrior, the author of the Modern Day Missus blog and the Fertility Warriors Podcast!